Introduction / Process


Why am I required to do Premarital Counseling?

Premarital Counseling (PMC) has been made a prerequisite prior to Nikah according to the instructions of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (May Allah be his Helper). The Rishta Nata (RN) department USA has a team of trained counselors who conduct these sessions. 


Why is Counseling useful?

  • PMC seeks to enable the bride-to-be and groom-to-be to have a strong, healthy relationship, assisting them to think about, and prepare the foundation, for a stable and mutually satisfying marriage.

  • We want to help you understand and prepare for the challenges in your relationship. 

  • PMC will help to prepare you for marriage and not just for the wedding day.

  • It is meant to slow you down and help you think about the relationship.

  • Topics addressed in premarital counseling are intended to highlight ways to handle the relationship according to Islamic teachings, in order to enhance the marriage.

  • The discussion will help you do your emotional homework now before you marry rather than dumping a lot of unvoiced expectation on your partner after the marriage. 


Where do I go to submit a request?

  • Submit a PMC request through the RN website at under Marital Counseling tab or by sending an email to
  • Enter the required information.


When should I submit the request?

  • Please try to submit request at least 2 weeks to 4 months prior to Nikah.


Once requested, what happens next?

  • PMC coordinators will set up a counseling session on a date and time convenient to the families and the counselors. Flexibility in requested time will make scheduling these sessions easier.

  • You will be provided PMC documents and it will be expected that all members have reviewed them before the session.


Who should participate in the counseling session?

  • It is highly encouraged that in addition to the bride and groom, their parents also attend these sessions to derive the most benefit.


How is the session conducted? In person or virtually?

  • These sessions will be held on Skype platform (audio and video) and last about 2 hrs.   If possible, a face-to-face session can be held in person where feasible.